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7 Habits of Deeply Fullfilled Artists
Your Aesthetic Needs & How to Meet Them 

by Ellie Harold

Are you more frustrated that fulfilled in your art-making? Does your creative expression seem blocked? Do you only make art in workshops or classes? Do you want to be something more than a student or dabbler? Does lack of time, space or money prevent you from doing your art?

For artists in any media, making art may be the most essential requirement for happiness. Many people, however, do not recognize their interest in art indicates a need to make art. When aesthetic needs are neglected, an artist starves for want of fulfillment. In this passionate and inspiring book, Ellie Harold shows you how to orient your life around your aesthetic needs to satisfy your life's purpose.

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Where Two Or More Are Gathered
A New Church for the 21st Century

by Ellie Harold

Have you outgrown your childhood religion? Does your church no longer meet your spiritual needs? Ellie Harold’s personal quest to find " a church I can breathe in," led her to understand how churches can evolve to fulfill a growing individual’s requirements. Where Two Or More Are Gathered: A New Church for the 21st Century reveals the distorted underpinnings of traditional church, shows how transitional churches can serve the contemporary seeker, and describes a new kind of church designed for profound spiritual transformation.

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